Getting ready for Tanzania

We are only less than three weeks away from leaving to go to Tanzania! Ever since the coaching meeting with Professor Coffey, it hit me that I am not dreaming. I am a little worried about getting sick while I am in Tanzania. Besides that, I am excited about the experience and not trying to worry about anything else that pertains to our trip. I am most excited to meet the students that we are going to be teaching in the schools. Hearing about how the students want to learn and how well behaved they are, is very exciting to me. Getting to know everyone and collaborating with other future teachers will be a great experience by itself.

American culture is all I have known my whole life besides reading about other cultures in books. I am looking forward to experiencing first hand cultures that are so different from the one I am accustom to. There is much I can learn from this and grow as a person. It is thrilling to think how many people are so happy and content with so little possessions in Tanzania. It shows that wealth is not always measured in material possessions.

I will not lie, but I am really, really eager to go on our safari through the Serengeti. Just to see all of the animals will make me feel like I am on a Discovery channel show. In my head, I am picturing how cool it will be to see a lion walking by with her cub. Also thinking that we are going to be staying in a nice resort in the middle of the Serengeti is amazing.

I have prepared by coming up with my goals for the teaching experience and thinking about how I can accomplish them. Also, I have been preparing by trying to learn Swahili words and phrases. Other than that, I have been getting things for my packing list and reading about the health information and getting vaccinations.

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