Getting Ready!

          This week is when my trip is really starting to sink in. I’ve been preparing for this, but I am beginning to realize how long until we leave. Twenty days. Twenty days! That is how far away it is. I should say how close it is!  Being this close to departure, I have become more nervous about the trip. However, the things that I am nervous about are silly, irrelevant things instead of the big things normal people would worry about. For example, instead of being nervous about actually teaching and having my own classroom, because I have never actually taught in my life, I am more worried about going to the bathroom on safari. Instead of worrying about being in an entirely different country, where we have to be extremely careful about the water, I am worried about how I will pack with a weight limit.  I have never been on a plane before, so the plane ride scares me, except, not about something extreme, like crashing and dieing.  What worries me is if I can handle that long of a flight and boredom. On a more serious note, I think the reason that I am not that scared or nervous yet is because I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know what Tanzania will be like or how the people will treat us. I have heard stories from people who went previous years but no matter how much I am told about their experiences, mine will be completely different and I still feel very unprepared. However, that is what excited me. I don’t want my experience to be the same as people have had on previous years. I want to experience something totally different and awesome and I am welcoming that experience with open arms.

          One of the things that I expect is to realize how selfish I am or how selfish Americans in general are.  I want to become aware of how different people live and make ends meet.  I know that I take things for granted that other people would love to have and I want to become more aware of the entire world and not my little world that I live in.  I am hoping that this trip will remind me to be happy with what I am fortunate enough to have because I do forget how much God has blessed me.  I am not sure if that mindset is too profound or asking too much, but I want to this to be a humbling experience, but nevertheless, just as thrilling.

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One Response to Getting Ready!

  1. Rhonda Glefke says:

    May God bless you and everyone on this amazing trip. What a great experience for you.
    Looking forward to seeing updates.

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