Getting Ready for Tanzania!

  Ever since the first night that i found out I had been accepted to participate in the Tanzania Study Abroad Program, I have not stopped thinking about it. The trip has been in the back of my mind helping push through the rest of the Winter semester. As we have gotten closer, I can not stop thinking about the trip and how excited I am. Forty-five days ago I began a count down in my phone, checking it everyday as if magically it was going to be the day to go already! Now, our departure only sixteen days away seems so surreal.

     The orientation meetings, all of the e-mails, and our Facebook page have helped me to feel more prepared for our trip to Tanzania. However, I do not think there really is anyway to fully prepare yourself other than going in being completely open minded and ready to take on any challenge that faces you. I know that I am looking forward to every aspect about the trip. I am so excited to be immersed in a new culture and learn how the people in their country live. I hope to make connections with people in the community as well as the students in my classroom. Also, I am eager to make new friendships with all of the people who are traveling with us as a group. It will be extremely helpful to have each other to experience new things with, help in the classroom and with ideas, and to have fun with!

    I hope that while I am in Tanzania I can help make a difference in someone’s life. No matter if this change is big or small, I hope that something that I do in the classroom or out of the classroom will help benefit someone else. I will be able to teach the students new concepts and ideas in different and engaging ways that they have never experienced before and I am hopeful that this will benefit at least some of the children there. I know that every person that I encounter while I am in Tanzania is going to make a difference and change my life for the better. I believe they can help me to understand the true meaning of life and what really is important. Also, they will be able to teach me new things as well as I will be able to teach them, each and everyday! I look forward to this month in Tanzania more than anything and still not believe it is real. I will keep my countdown going and can not wait to arrive in Arusha in 16 days!


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