Getting Ready for Tanzania!

It’s finally starting to sink in! In almost two weeks we will be in a plane on our way to Tanzania! I can’t believe it! Although it has been stressful to end the term, get things prepared for the trip and plan things out for when we return, it will be all worth it. I am very excited for the experiences and opportunities we will have and am looking forward to having a new view on life by the time I return.

As excited as I am for the great adventures, I am also having silly irrational thoughts and dreams that make me worried! For example, I have never been able to swallow pills. Therefore, seeing the size of the Malorone pills makes me a little nervous that I won’t be able to swallow it resulting in me contracting malaria!! BUT I have been practicing and have purchased a pill cutter for the trip, so I hope to be all set! Another silly thing has been my dreams about Africa. Even though I haven’t heard any stories from past students about snakes, I still imagine there will be huge poisonous ones (snakes are my biggest fear)! An overall worry of mine that isn’t so irrational is not being able to contact my loved ones at home very often. And one last thing I have been stressing over is how I will go to the bathroom when we go on our safari. But I guess I will just figure that one out when it comes!

Although these are some random worries of mine, I know the outcome will be more than worth the little stress. Something I have waited so long to do is be in the front of a classroom and this will be a very memorable way to begin. I cannot wait to learn all the wonderful things Tanzania will teach me as a person and a future teacher.


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