Preparing for Travel!

It’s crazy to think that in just 12 days we will be starting our journey to Tanzania. It honestly didn’t even hit me until my friends and family starting to ask me what day do I leave this past week. I have been so wrapped up in school and trying to finish the semester out strong that I haven’t had much time to think about this trip I am about to go on.

Thinking about the trip now I have are nervousness and excitement. I am nervous because I have never been out of the country before which means I haven’t been on a plane for a long period of time. I am not the biggest fan of heights so hopefully the plane ride isn’t too stressful. I am also very nervous about the language. I have been practicing Swahili but not as much as I should have. It’s going to be interesting to hear a whole another language because I have never been exposed to that. I also am nervous about all the situations that I may face in the classroom I will be teaching in. It also is nerve racking knowing that on safari I will have to go to the bathroom outside and potentially an animal could come attack me. Lets hope that doesn’t happen tho.

Never in a million years did I picture myself ever wanting to go to Africa let alone actually going to Africa. I am so excited for this experience and once finals are over I will only be thinking about Tanzania and making sure that I am packing everything I need. I can’t wait!!


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