Getting Ready for Tanzania!

It is crazy to think that in less than two weeks we will be on a plane headed to Tanzania! I have barely had anytime to really prepare myself for this trip, due to how busy I have been with classes this semester.  I have however, gotten all of my clothes that I will be teaching in! Everyday that I look at the count down on my phone, it sinks in just a little more that I will be going to Africa! I have been trying to prepare myself mentally based on what I have heard from students who have gone in the past but its hard! I have never traveled out of the country and I still do not know what to expect. But, that is just part of the learning experience! 

I am incredibly excited for this journey to begin.  Yet, I am also pretty nervous.  There are just a few things that I am worried about for this trip.  Like I had said above, I have never traveled out of the country.  I also cannot remember the last time I was on a plane. I just hope for a smooth travel! Another worry of mine includes malaria.  I know we will be taking medicine so we do not get malaria, I am just worried that for some reason I will forget to take a pill on one of the days and end up getting malaria! However, every person I have talked to that has gone on this trip has had an amazing experience and I am sure ours will be as well!

Despite some worries I may have, I am really looking forward for this trip because of how tough this year has been for me. I cannot wait to teach in front of my own classroom, experience a different culture, and see Simba, Tembo, Kiboko, Duma, and Ngiri! I am ready to leave my small world in Allendale for a while to grow as an individual and as a teacher. I hope to impact the students I meet just as much as they will impact me. 

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