Getting Ready for Tanzania!!

I can not express into words how excited I am about going to Arusha! I have been hearing stories and seeing pictures on a daily basis since my sister went last May. I have to admit, if she did not go last year, I’m not sure anyone could convince me to travel to Africa for a month! Kelsey has shown me her millions of pictures and shared the countless number of stories that went with them. Seeing her emotions span from tears of sadness from leaving to jumping up and down with excitement over a picture of a lion has only made me more excited to go.  I am hoping that I will have similar, amazing, life changing experiences too.

As for packing goes, I feel like I have so much to do before I leave for this trip! After looking at the checklist Lisa gave us, I realized just how much I need to buy and find in less than two weeks! As soon as finals are over (Wednesday for me!) it will be my mission to find everything that I will need. I also need to prepare our parents on how to use the computer to communicate while we are gone. Their computer does not have a webcam and they do not have Facebook, so that leaves us to only emails (Kelsey said my mom sent her 2 emails the entire time she was gone!). I am hoping to talk my mom into getting a Facebook just because of this trip. She has been so adamant about not getting one for the past 6 years, but I think having both of her girls on the other side of the world will be that tiny push she needs ; )

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