Is this real life??

Many people have come up to me throughout the past couple weeks asking me things like, “Are you excited to go to Tanzania?” “Are you all ready for Tanzania?” Honestly, I have been rather stressed out trying to check things off my list of things to do and making sure I am not missing deadlines. I am taking 19 hours this semester and since we are leaving 2 weeks before the semester is over at Mizzou, I am in the process of taking finals and finishing up large projects for all of my classes. I have definitely been putting my classes ahead of my preparation for Tanzania on my priorities list but I am hoping that next week I can put most of my emphasis on preparation and not much more school work! Luckily, Amber has been keeping me updated on what I need to do next for this awesome journey.

Nonetheless, I am BEYOND ecstatic for what this journey holds. Ever since last summer my heart has felt a tugging to go to Africa to experience a culture and lifestyle completely out of my comfort zone. I have been joyful and passionate for this adventure to Tanzania ever since! Although being away from all my friends and family will be hard, I know that I will grow and learn from this journey and that will far outweigh any costs. I am looking forward to getting close with our group and I’m looking forward to building relationships with the Tanzanians. I am so worried about not knowing enough Swahili when I get there but I know that I will pick it up quickly because I will be surrounded by the language so much.

I have not yet begun to pack or even make a list of all the necessary items I need to bring with me to Tanzania so I am a little stressed about making sure I have everything I need when I arrive. Luckily, several people that have been on the trip before from Mizzou have been willing to answer any questions I may have and have been encouraging me like CRAZY!! I know that once I finish up my school work and truly begin to pack and prepare, my emotions will be at an all time high! It is still so much like a dream that I will be going to Tanzania for 4 weeks! I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to travel, study and teach abroad, and experience things I have never seen before! Seriously though, could this trip sound any more appealing? Is this even real life?

Peace, Love & Blessings,


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