Getting Ready for Tanzania!

It has absolutely not yet set in that in 12 days I will be leaving for Tanzania! There have been so many other things to take care of for the past few months that I haven’t been able to process the fact that I will be leaving the country for four weeks. This past weekend I finally started to see this trip as a reality, and honestly, it is a little scary! I think my biggest concern is traveling abroad without my parents, which probably sounds SUPER childish, but the only time I have left the country is with my parents. I think the fact that this is what I am most concerned about is good, in a way, because I believe that this trip will foster a greater amount of independence in me- which will be helpful when I enter the “real” world next year.

Growing up, I have been blessed and also cursed with living a comfortable life. More than anything, I’m excited to experience the people of Tanzania who, contrasting from the western world, do not live in excess. I am excited to see people who value community and rely on each other instead of focusing on competition and rising to the top. I think all too often we as Americans believe that we need to bring the United States to these developing countries and teach them how to live, when in reality these people have so much to teach us. THIS I can’t wait for.

I fully believe that to grow personally, it is best to push myself outside of my comfort zone- and I know this trip is going to do just that. I know that ultimately, my discomfort will be outweighed by the amazingly incredible experiences, people, and culture that I will encounter while abroad. I am most excited to get to know my students. As much as I hope I will make an impact in their lives, I know they will give me so much more.

Yes I am nervous, but I am more excited! For a while I have been ready to just leave and go on an adventure, and I finally get to do that. I couldn’t be more thankful.

Let’s start this adventure!!!



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One Response to Getting Ready for Tanzania!

  1. Caroline, I am so excited for you and will be praying the whole time that you journey to and are in Tanzania; that God will have you covered in every place you travel, every person you meet and every heart you touch. That what you put out comes back to you ten fold & makes your heart, mind and soul expand and grow!

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