Getting Ready for Tanzania!

Less than two weeks we leave for our new adventure in Tanzania! I can’t wait or express my excitement through a simple blog post. I am so thankful for another month of May in Arusha!! 

As for packing, I have a lot to do to be totally prepared. I have some skirts and shoes, but that’s about it. I’m looking forward to helping my sister pack and get things together. I’m going to try really hard to pack less this year and try to save room for school supplies to help everyone with their lesson planning.

Honestly, it’s still quite surreal that I will be back at the Outpost and seeing familiar faces once again. I am most excited to go to my school and visit my students and teachers from last year. I’m not sure how many students will remember me, but that does not matter, I just cannot wait to see their smiling faces again! I will be bringing pictures for my school as well as plenty of pens to pass around to the students, which will most likely end up how it did last year. I had a bag of pencils to pass out and students followed me around as if they were five year olds and I was holding a bag of candy. They were all so excited and thankful I cannot wait to do that all over again.

Another part of the trip I cannot wait for is to getting to know the rest of the students. I know a few people going this year, but getting to know the rest will be really exciting. The relationships you make on trips like this will last a lifetime and it’s going to be an unforgettable experience with a great group of friends.

Arusha here we come!

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