Gettting Ready for Tanzania

As we approach the departure day, I cannot help but be overwhelmed about the whole process. I have never been so far away from home before and for so long other than college. I know for sure something I am starting to worry about is packing. It just seems like 50 pounds is not enough stuff and for almost four weeks. This is one area I will have to take some time and figure out exactly what I want to take with me to Tanzania. Also, the plane trip is something I am a little worried about. I tend to like to move around so sitting down for eight hours, than another eight hours will probably take a toll on me. I have to figure out something to keep me busy for these 16 hours.

I am really looking forward to visiting the Serengeti and the national parks. I have always seen these animals on television and have always wanted to see some of the animals that are native to Africa in person. I really want to see a lion since they are my favorite animals, and by what we have read and stories from other people, I should be able to. Another think I am looking forward to is teaching in Africa. I have only taught in my teacher assisting semester. This occurred for only a half day, and I am looking forward to meeting my students, and having a classroom where I can teach all day. I am a math major, and I have heard get use to being asked to teach other subjects. I am really looking forward to this as well. I would like to gain more experience teaching another subject, like some sort of social studies since it is my minor and I have yet to teach in this subject.

Visiting the orphanage will probably have a significant effect on me. I cannot wait to meet these young children and see how positive they are. I have watched the video from last year and watching the group interact with children at the orphanage really had me looking forward to making the visit there. Finally, I am looking forward to seeing and meeting the new people going on this trip and the people who reside in Tanzania. The group will be spending four weeks together; we should become close as a unit. Also, the people of Tanzania I look forward to meeting. I have only heard stories of how appreciative they are of us going to teach over there. I really have the desire to see this and communicate with Tanzanians.

This trip will be a once in a lifetime experience. I am looking forward to continue my teaching aspirations in a place like Tanzania for a month. Even though I am a bit overwhelmed about the whole situation, I cannot wait until I get off the plane to take my first steps in Tanzania.

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