Preparing for Travel

In less than two weeks I will be boarding a plane headed towards Tanzania! That is absolutely crazy! I am beyond excited to be going on this adventure. There are so many experiences that lie ahead that will be unexpected and most likely unexplainable.

I think what I am most excited about is the unexpected and unexplainable experiences. We have been reading all about Tanzania and their culture to prepare for our trip but I know there is no way that we have learned everything. There will be so much that we are not ready for, but I am so excited to just be fully emerged in their culture for a month. I hope to learn so much about lifestyles, the way schools are run and the overall culture of Tanzania.

Another thing that I am uncontrollably excited about is to be in the school and create relationships with all of the students in my classroom. I cannot wait to spread what I knowledge I am able to to them; but at the same time I know I will be learning so much from them! I am excited to learn from the teacher of my classroom and the other teachers in my school.

I’m not too nervous yet, that will come the day before I leave when it really starts sinking in that I’m leaving. The biggest thing I am worried about right now is trying to learn as much kiswahili as possible before leaving… that is slowly coming along though.


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