A Whole New World

In eight days I will be in Africa starting a journey that will forever change my life. This study abroad experience means so much to me already and I cannot wait to truly begin this journey.

The thing that I am the most excited about is going to my placement and meeting my students. I have been preparing myself for this experience by thinking about what I might want or need for my students. The question “will I need…?” has been constantly on my mind as I have been gathering things for my trip. Other questions that I have for the trip is what age will my students be, what will I be teaching besides for math, and what content do I teach? I wish I knew this ahead of time so that I could bring specific supplies with me to help my lesson planning go more smoothly. For now, I will bring a little bit of everything that I can fit into my suitcase and hope for the best! I am sure that whatever I do not have I can borrow from someone else. I teacher assisted this semester and my students and my cooperating teacher gave me a Meijer gift card as a wonderful going away present, which I ended up using on some school supplies for this trip. This way my third graders feel more like a part of my trip because I wish for them to experience Africa with me.

As far as packing myself up I think I am doing okay. I have been whittling down the rather extensive list by buying a few things here and there since the beginning of the term. I keep thinking to myself 50 pounds goes by really quickly so pack light and yet I want – and need – to bring a lot of things with me in order to have a successful trip. So I’m a bit overwhelmed right now with trying to pack everything up all nice and neat.

In eight days I will be on a plane traveling to Arusha, Tanzania to begin my study abroad experience! Let Tanzania 2014 begin!



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