First leg, check.

Sitting in the Amsterdam airport for a four hour lay over that’s now down to about two and a half hours. The airport is awesome, practically a mall. We’re all starting to get tired, and even though still completely full of excitement we’re much quieter than we were in metro. The first flight wasn’t bad even though it was long. I watched a movie and read a lot and the time passed by fast enough. Countless drives to Houghton have trained me well.

Everything is just a little bit cooler in Amsterdam, from the bathrooms, to the gate lounges, to the security guards uniforms. It’s fun being reminded that I am officially, for the first time, in a new continent.

We chased the sun, which is one of the cooler things i’ve ever seen. We managed to see the sun set and rise in one flight, only about four hours apart. Looking forward to arriving in our final destination. I’m sure there will be lots of sleeping happening on this next flight.

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One Response to First leg, check.

  1. Rhonda Glefke says:

    Glad to hear you’re getting closer…..So very exciting. Try to get some rest.

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