Home, Sweet Home

I can’t believe that we finally made it! After an 18 hour trip we are officially in Arusha! We saw the sun set twice in 24 hours–I don’t know why but that blew my mind. I felt like a time traveler! Now that we’re here I don’t mind the hours we sat on the plane, it’s already worth it.
I woke up this morning almost in tears because of how excited I am! It’s funny how at home I feel here because everything is so different. The trees, the bird calls, even the grass looks different. The people are beautiful and incredibly friendly, always ready to teach you some Swahili. I love it. Even though I don’t know the language, a smile is universal. The people here smile with all their teeth like if they didn’t smile happiness would just explode out of them. Colorful flowers burst from the trees, everything is a healthy green. It’s a warm 60 some degrees out, all the staff here are shivering and apologizing for the cold!
Our morning meeting and tour of the area is about to start!
I still can’t believe I’m here. So grateful.

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One Response to Home, Sweet Home

  1. Rhonda Glefke says:

    Thanks for the details….sounds wonderful! Enjoy it!

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