School day two trumped day one

Today I fell in love with my school and all the students there. I also had my first moment of “I don’t want to leave…ever”. I taught math today and stepped in for a random science class and it was amazing. Both lessons were successful. The school here is so different than the schools at home. If they are short teachers or if one doesn’t show up for the day there is no one to fill in. So I am responsible for math for classes 3a and 3b and we walked past the 3a room after finishing their math and we noticed that there was no teacher inside. So Amber and I went in and their science lesson was supposed to start 10 minutes prior to when we got there but there was no teacher in sight. So we asked a student to show us their science book and they pointed us to what they were learning and we jumped in and taught a science lesson for over an hour.

We also got swarmed by kids on their lunch break. Our hair is the coolest thing to them, they come up and just grab it and play with it and run their fingers through it. The girls were setting it on top of their heads like it was theirs. We each had about three kids attached to each arm walking around the grounds and every child we pass says hello and waves so excitedly.

I feel like I know what to expect from school now and am truly in my element and am ready for each and everyday that comes. I can’t wait to see the kids tomorrow already.

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2 Responses to School day two trumped day one

  1. Rhonda Glefke says:

    What a wonderful experience! Savor every moment.

  2. Lisa Krajnovic says:

    Dive right in and enjoy every moment!! Sounds like you are having a grand time:)

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