First day at the orphanage!

Yesterday we visited the orphanage for the first time. It was a really good experience. The kids were so happy and excited to see us and the orphanage mother and father were possibly even more excited. We brought beach balls, coloring books, jump ropes, and stickers and it was just a mad house. The kids and the orphanage parents as well as a lot of the GVSU students played with the beach balls and were just hitting them up in the air like crazy, there was about 10 kids and 12 beach balls in a very small room and it was possible to walk in without getting nailed by a ton of beach balls all at once. There were kids outside jump roping and exchanging stickers with us. It was so much fun to be the cause of their extreme happiness.

Today I went to school and continued to get swarmed by kids. I taught two math classes and sat in on Kate’s lesson and Callie’s lesson. It was a very good day at school as always. The boys also discovered our hair today. As you would assume the girls love it but are gentle and just rub their fingers through it while the boys pull and tug and throw it up in the air. It was super knotty after that of course.

It’s still the rainy season and I’m ready for it to be over. We walked to and from school, half an hour both ways, in the rain and i’ve been in a constant state of damp if not soaked. BUT we leave for safari in about 36 hours and I think we will escape the rain there and I can’t wait!

Oh and the food is amazing absolutely amazing.

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One Response to First day at the orphanage!

  1. Irene L. Krajnovic says:

    Love to read about your daily adventures with the kids.

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