Saturated In Joy

Happy Wednesday!

Back to school we went this morning!! I crossed my fingers as I was walking out the door hoping that there would be only sunshine today but..SURPRISE! We had a lot of “liquid sunshine!” It really is all about perspective. It felt right, it felt normal walking up to Tetra Lutheran School this morning because I could somewhat predict what my day would look like.

The four of us first met with the teachers during their prayer time in a classroom on the first floor while they watched a pastor speak The Word of God in English on the TV screen. We listened as the preacher talked about how God created us to all be different for a reason. We are the church and each and every talent is needed in order to achieve God’s ultimate purpose in our lives. I love this time as colleagues. I love that we are fed truth together before we begin to feed and provide truth and light to our students.

I walked up the 6 flights of stairs to find familiarity. The 4th and 5th graders were waiting eagerly to see me and greet me with a, “Good Morning Teacha!!” before beginning to learn for the day. Because it was rainy, the morning had a little rocky start and everyone seemed a little off and distracted, but that happens to all of us! I successfully taught both classes for an hour and a half each about possessive pronouns and the students had the opportunity to practice what they learned using exercises from their textbooks to check for understanding. Although I am looking forward to creating authentic learning experiences without bookwork, I must slowly wean my students off the dependence on textbooks so I can allow them to still feel comfortable learning the material.

At the end of both class periods of English, I expressed to the students they could ask me ANYTHING they wanted and I would answer truthfully. When I told the students this, they all begin to grin and giggle quietly to one another before anyone even raised their hand. It was so adorable to see them so excited to learn about me. I got many questions about what things were my favorite and where I was from and also got many questions about my family. I also answered many questions about where I was on Monday and Tuesday and the fact that they asked me those questions, made me realize that I am obviously making some sort of impact on these sweet kiddos even if that is only my presence throughout the school day. The students asked my what my parents’ names are and what my sister’s name was and wanted to know everything about them.

Unfortunately, I began to feel a bit awkward when they asked me what my father did for a living…and then I had to break it to them that my father was no longer living. They immediately, in synchronization, said “SORRY!” in THE most adorable, innocent and loving voices and it just completely melted my heart. It was beautiful to see their compassion as a class for me even though they are just getting to know who I am as a person and as their teacher for the month. This moment was, without a doubt, THE highlight of my day. Although it took courage to tell them, their response was well worth it.

Walking out the door, I was just saturated in joy. Eternal joy. Joy from teaching these kiddos. Joy from the love they share with me. Joy from what I learn from them.

These are the moments I must soak in. This is the life. Are you soaking in each moment?

Peace, Love & Blessings

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