Just another day at school

As we were heading to school today, Josh and I didn’t really know what we were in for. The math teacher who we were teaching for was back so we didn’t know what we were going to teach. Our headmistress explained to us when we got there that one teacher in particular wasn’t there so we could take her classes. I was ecstatic! Then I found out that the classes she had were Kiswahili and History. Those are the two classes that I have literally no idea what to do. I can’t speak Swahili and history is not my thing but we were going to do it anyways! Kiswahili was first and we had the students play pictionary but everything they had to draw were things they had to guess in Kiswahili. The students may not have learned any swahili, but we were there at least monitoring them and they loved it. They got into it, got a little loud, and did not want to stop the game. Our headmistress told us that it would be better if we were there and didn’t really teach, than if they were not supervised – which is what would’ve happened since the teacher was not at school. That “lesson” went about as good as it could I guess.

Next we had history. First, we had the students get into groups and share a snippet of information that they learned last time they had class. They also wanted to learn about American History so Josh and I went into that. We started by drawing a picture of the world on the board. It was a very rough drawing but surprisingly they knew what the countries were when we asked so the drawing wasn’t terrible for a 30 second earth drawing! I started to explain how people thought the earth was flat and about trade and Christopher Columbus and how he sailed and thought he landed in India (hence the Indians). Josh then took over and went more in depth about what happened next and the wars and taxation and how we gained our independence, since he is a history minor so thank God because I would have been lost. I am also thankful he let me take the easy stuff to explain! It was a brief overview, but I noticed the students were looking bored. I suggested that they act it out. We had Christopher Columbus with his crew and we also had the Native Americans and British. They had to sail and explain why they were sailing and they took things from America. Then we had the British come in and claim land and then we jumped to the American Revolution and they had to fight and we asked who won and they seemed to genuinely enjoy the lesson. They also seemed to retained the information and keep them awake! Even though I am not a history-buff, we were able to make it out alive and I even had a student tell me it was a good lesson and they understood everything! That is probably the best feeling in the world when the students say you did well or they ask you to teach their lesson because they want us to teach. I can’t explain how awesome it feels when a student greets me as “teacher” or “Ms Dawn” or “Madam” or even if they find me or Josh and say “We don’t have a teacher, are you coming to our class now?” It is truly amazing to see how much they want to learn.

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