nyuma kwa shule (back to school)

Seeing thousands of wildebeest migrating, elephants walking towards our vehicle, and being only 3 feet away from lions, the safari was full of excitement. However, the excitement on my students face when I walked into school after being gone for four days was indescribable.

I was greeted with so many hugs to the point that I almost fell over from so many students crowded around me. They grabbed my hands, touched my hair, and repeated “we missed you teacher.” There was no better feeling than being missed by first grade students that you have only knew for about a week. Not only did I have an amazing greetings from my students but my teacher Upendo came running up to me and hugged me. She kissed both of my cheeks then said “I am so glad you are back” in her Swahili accent. After settling in and the students finally finding their seats and quieting down, it was time to start my lessons. I felt at home.

Both lessons went great. However, my second class students were a little out of control as if they were given pounds of sugar before entering the class. I was done with teaching for the day but I didn’t want to leave so I stayed in the hallway with them during tea time. We laughed, played, and took pictures. Everything was perfect. It was great to be back and I can’t imagine leaving my students for four days again.


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