Going into the safari I was excited but I really had no idea what was in store for us in the next few days. We left early on Saturday morning heading to the Ngorogoro Crater. I was completely in awe of the how rich the land is and how the animals in the crater are thriving and working together to live. We spent one full day at the crater and then went to the Serengeti for the next few days. Safari was an amazing experience that is definitely unforgettable. No matter what I say in this blog there is no explaining how amazing this safari was, I will definitely encourage anyone and everyone who has ever considered going on a safari to go. After hearing all of the stories there is no way they wouldn’t be convinced!


As a little animal recap, before the stories start over the entire trip, some of the animals that we saw were:

Baboons, Zebras, Wildebeest, Water Buffalo, Lions, Elephants, Ostrich, Crowned Crane, Kori Bustard, Flamingos, Black Rhino, Hippo, Thompson Gazelle, Great Gazelle, Warthogs, Eagle, Impala, Hartebeeste, Hyena, Jackel, Leopard, Giraffe, Dic-dic, Waterbuck, Topi, Owl, Vulture, Crocodile, Columbus Monkey, Rock hyrax, Black Face Monkey, and my least favorite a Python.

Each morning we piled into five different safari vehicles and headed out. Talking with the safari drivers was so much fun, they are full of an endless amount of knowledge about the area, animals, and culture. Each day I took hundreds of pictures, sometimes taking twenty of the same group of animals. They were all so beautiful and fun to watch their interactions and I didn’t want to miss a thing.

My absolute favorite thing that we saw on safari was a group of elephants in a mud pit. There was so much to take in during this, as the elephants went into the mud pit the larger elephants circled around the younger ones, keeping them on the inside, and the elephants faced outwards. There was also a male elephant that stayed on the outside as a guard and if a safari car got too close to the elephants, he would position himself between the car and the rest of the elephants. In addition to this, there were two lions sitting on top of a hill close to the mud pit watching and waiting for the chance to attack a baby elephant or one that got stuck in the mud. This was so much fun to see the interaction between the animals and how their day to day life works.


On our way home from safari, we were driving out of the Serengeti towards Arusha and we saw a few safari vehicles parked around a tree and we knew that there had to be something awesome, so we headed over. There were two male lions with big beautiful manes sleeping under the tree. As we were watching them, one woke up and looked around, for just enough time to get an awesome picture, and then fell right back to sleep. This was an awesome way to end safari.



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