Back to School!

Arriving back to school on Wednesday was a completely different experience than any other day. It was just as exciting to see all the children when we walked in, but along with that excitement, I felt much more comfortable with my surroundings. I was familiar with the teachers and the children. But most importantly, they were familiar with me. And along with that comfortable feeling, I felt less overwhelmed. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief and think- this is the place for me. I can already tell it will be a very sad day when I have to say goodbye to everyone.

Other similar feelings arouse while in the classroom compared to the first week. I felt very comfortable to be there teaching to children who love me. And although this trip is focused on me growing as a teacher, I personally can’t help to notice how amazing the children are. Recently, I realized the children loved the idea of us the first week we were there. But now, I can see that they love us for who we are.

Another great part about going back to school was knowing more of what to expect. I was happy to have learned some strategies that worked well with the students the first week allowing for more successes. Overall, arriving back to school was another great experience and I can already see I am learning so much!

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