Duma Duma-ma-ma

This weekend was absolutely amazing, safari is a “must see before you die” kind of trip! We left and headed towards Ngorongoro crater, we drove passed Maasai villages and children herding cattle. It was amazing how much I learned about the Maasai on this trip and it was interesting to hear about a culture that is completely different than mine. We drove up to the Ngorongoro which took about 2.5 hours, we got out of the car and saw the most amazing view of the crater, I have no words to describe its beauty and pictures could never do it justice. We drove down to the crater and saw some animals: monkeys, elephants, zebras, rhino(which is very rare), warthogs, wildebeest, flamingos, a lion and many more. It was a little cold in the crater, however I didn’t even notice because I was focusing on the animals the whole time.

After Ngorongoro we drove to the Serengeti, where we spent two nights and three days. The first day my favorite animals that we saw were elephants and lions. The second day we saw the wildebeest migration, hippo pools, and walked across a very interesting bride over a crocodile pond. Below is a picture of Professor Coffey doing tree pose on the bridge, we had a blast! The last day we left our lodge, sad knowing that the safari was almost over, but extremely excited to be back in the classroom.
We drove around the Serengeti for a little while and BOOM there were two papa lions lying on the ground next to a tree. I was literally 5 feet away from two lions, it was a little beyond belief. After that we headed out of the Serengeti and back to the lodge. It was a lot of driving, however I believe that this safari helped us all to connect more with one another and feel more comfortable in our surrounding.


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