It’s Friday!!! It seems unreal that next week is our last full week of teaching and then the week after that we only teach monday and tuesday! The first week went by so slow and it was rough, but now it seems crazy at how fast it is going. I didn’t think I would really miss it that much when I leave but I am connecting with my students and now I don’t want to leave them. Cheryl (our headmistress) hired a new math teacher today and Josh and I talked with him about the math classes. Josh asked if we could still teach form 2 and form 3 and then he can have form 4.  We would keep him updated on forms 2 and 3 so he knew what topics we covered when we left. However, we have taught all the forms now, more specifically, we have taught forms 2, 3 and 4 math classes and I don’t want to give any of them up! I know the new math teacher should actually teach since he got hired, but I love all the students and I call them “my students”. They greet me and they get excited when we come to their classroom. I have gotten asked a few times if we would teach them or when we were teaching them next. They just want to learn but they also want to learn from us, which is amazing. I love them all so much and want to teach them all the time!

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