It keeps getting better and better

The last three days have been great. I’ve realized recently that I should stopped being surprised when I think everyday is better than the last. Wednesday was our first day back to school after our safari. The kids were absolutely ecstatic to see us again. They greeted us by sprinting up to us and just throwing themselves at us. Teaching on Wednesday was a little rough because the kids were so excited it was difficult to keep them under control, but we managed nonetheless.

Thursday was also great. We taught our class that is typically more calm which was nice. They did well and our lesson was successful. We did have something funny happen though. We were strategically calling on a boy from a group of kids that was not and had not been paying attention the entire lesson. Amber and I knew that he would have no idea how to solve the multiplication we were working on but we wanted to show the students it was not acceptable to not pay attention. So we called him up. It took him about 3 minutes to get to the front of the room, which should take about 20 seconds. So we knew something was up, he kept leaning down to his desk and talking to his friends in Swahili. Amber was at the front of the board and he quickly wrote an answer to the problem showing no work. She asked him to see his hand and he proudly handed her his blank hand. Then when she asked to see the other he hesitated and reluctantly handed it over. He had written the answer from his friend on his hand and then on the board. Best part was the answer was wrong and even better yet the multiplication problem was 345 x 1. BUSTED.

Today though trumped it all. Today was an amazing amazing day. I can’t say it enough. When we got to school we saw the students sing their national anthem. We taught all morning with one class and spent the time before lunch with our other. With our first class we spent the last about 30 minutes just having fun with them. We handed out stickers and allowed them to ask us questions. Amber showed pictures of her family and answered questions they had. We asked the students if they wanted to come to America and why and it was adorable. Then we came back to the Outpost and I spent some down time reading in the African sun. Then we ventured back out in a big group to play some football (soccer) with the kiddos! We went first to another groups school and played with them for a bit and then continued on to our own school. I played games with some of the girls in my classes since I’m real bad at soccer. We essentially played a big game of keep away between two teams and then I learned a handclap game that was too cute. When we told the kids we had to leave to meet the rest of our group for dinner they begged us to come back tomorrow. It took us about ten minutes just to get off the property.

We finished the night with a delicious, as always, meal at The Blue Heron. The dinner conversation was inspiring and deep. Having 29 people with the same passion really brings awesome conversation to the table (literally). We discussed just how blessed we are in the U.S and how being here is truly making us realize that. I could go on about this topic forever with hundreds of examples why. We were also brainstorming what we can do when we get home to assist our schools and continue to make a difference. It’s great to see that all of us really want to be that person that has an impact and that being here for a month simply isn’t enough for us. I can’t wait to see what I can continue to do for these schools for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow we climb half of Kilimanjaro and I cannot wait!

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3 Responses to It keeps getting better and better

  1. Irene L. Krajnovic says:

    lyndsay, missing you, but it appears you are to busy to think of that.. glad you are thourly enjoying your experiance. it sounds great.. climbing kilimmjaro should be a snap for you.bye for now. love, grampa paul.

  2. Lisa Krajnovic says:

    1st let me say how proud I am of you:) Giving back is what life is about and you have a very special opportunity to do so and are making the most of your adventure. Enjoy your hike!

  3. Dennis Dust says:

    Sounds like you’re gaining a great perspective on life and how lucky we all are to have been born in America. Enjoy to the fullest!

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