Things I’ve learned so far…

I don’t even know where to begin with this. There are endless things I have learned in the last three-ish weeks of being in Tanzania. Ranging from things I’ve learned about myself to things I’ve learned I’m appreciative for to things I’ve learned about Tanzania and its people. I think I’ll just make a bulleted list and most likely it will be super random but that’s okay.

•Cheese should be as big of a staple in every diet as it is in the diet of Americans.
•I am more than capable of being put outside of my comfort zone.
•I can teach and have success in my lessons with little to no resources.
•I appreciate being able to pick up the phone and call my mother more than I realized.
•Michigan is not humid; I don’t care what you try to tell me.
•Teachers here are very appreciated and respected and that is an amazing thing, the U.S should take notes.
•I can be thrown any number of curve balls and teach successfully.
•I now know I can communicate even with a language barrier.
•People in Tanzania are much nicer than in the U.S.
•Being the racial minority in a country is an eye-opening experience.
•A group of 27 students can in fact get along.
•Stop-lights and stop signs and road laws that are enforced make for much less stressful streets.
•I can feel at home in a place thousands upon thousands of miles away from home, even if the culture, food, way of life, and everything else are completely different.
•When traveling abroad to Africa pack chocolate chip cookies.
•Taco in Swahili is a bad word; so don’t talk about eating Taco Bell in public.
•Bargaining for prices can be fun.
•The kids in school in the U.S are not appreciative enough for what they have. They have resources, technology, well-trained teachers, involved parents, schools systems that care about them, and so much more that the students lack here.
•Seeing giant animals in the wild, like lions, elephants, and rhino is the most breathtaking experience ever..ever, ever, ever.
•I need to travel the world.
•When I get home I am bound to be disgusted by the things I see and the way people act.
•The people here don’t have much but they’re happy and thankful for what they have.
•I have never heard a Tanzanian complain.
•I am 100% more qualified to teach in the U.S than I was before this experience since my confidence level has risen immensely and this is the most “on the job training” I have had yet.
•Swahili is a very fun language.
•I am lucky beyond words for the life I live.

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One Response to Things I’ve learned so far…

  1. Dennis Dust says:

    This is so very, very fantastic to see that this trip has given you a true understanding how lucky we are just to have been born in America, at this point in time. It will definitely affect how you view life, won’t it?!

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