Kilimanjaro Climb

This past Saturday we all piled in the safari jeeps and headed to Mount Kilimanjaro. The two hour car ride seemed super short compared to Safari. On the way I finished off my wish list of things I needed to get for the orphanage and had some more time to think. So off to lala land I went…
First stop was at the realization that students are students and people are people, no matter what continent (or country) you’re in.
If a young girl likes a boy, she will tell her friends she doesn’t (this was fun to listen to in Swahili).
Showing people how much you care is always awesome.
All teenagers have raging hormones.
A laugh will always relieve tension.
If somebody farts in class, they always blame their friend next to them.
There will always be boys in the back of the classroom that love to goof off.
All of us are afraid of confrontation.
We all hate to fail.
We all crave to be accepted.
We all desired to be loved.
Second stop was at the realization that we all have the power to do so much good. I believe making selfless choices in the small things is always the way to go. But after this trip I see how much potential we all have to change the world in big ways, though big life altering choices. You just have to be brave and go for it.
Third stop was at the corner of “holy crap” and “I am so blessed.” I still can’t believe I’m here. I still can’t believe I have the opportunity to love on all these people… To meet them where they’re at and walk alongside them in their lives. All the teachers, students, peers, orphans, and professors… what a blessing. What an honor. I mean, I went on a four day safari! I saw God’s coolest animals 5 feet away. I get to have my own classroom before I even graduate college! Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

By the time our jeep rolled up to Kilimanjaro I had had my fill of thinking and was really ready to do some hiking!
I ended walking with Lisa, Kate, and Sam. Kate is probably the most inspirational hiker I know. I found out she lost her leg to cancer when she was five years old. Even with a fake leg, that girl cruised! It was really cool getting talk to the three ladies I was with and get to know them better.
It was a gorgeous hike… (minus the killer biting ants, ouch)The plant species, oh my gosh. Speaking strictly as biology major, I was dying to go out and take samples and take them back to show my kids. It was fantastic, like stepping into another world! Or Seattle I guess… For some reason it reminded me of a national park in Washington that was really rainforest like that I went to with my family. Anyway needless to say climbing to the top is definitely first on my bucket list. We only climbed up a small section of the mountain, so the satisfaction of reaching the top will just have to wait until another day.

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