Things I have learned so far…

Not knowing where to begin I will start with this, the students on this trip are absolutely amazing. I have had the opportunity to teach in the schools just like them and go through the same ups and downs, but seeing each of them go through these experiences with their heads held high and great enthusiasm, I cannot believe all they have taught me. They have shown me so much determination within their teaching. They stay up late lesson planning, always are helping one another out with ideas and opinions, while getting along as if they were all friends before the trip.


They each have taken over one or more classrooms within their schools. Each has had a unique experience and are always willing to share what type of day they have had, whether it was a great day or not. Seeing how the students help each other and encourage others to stay positive and always remember tomorrow is a new day, is simply incredible. I have learned that I must keep a great group of peers (friends) around me throughout my future teaching career, so I can be a part of a group just like this one. They have reminded me to always take my time when planning my lessons, use resources that have never been used before, and to always teach to the students’ needs. Lastly, I have learned that throwing a group of 26 students together can be life changing.


So asante sana to each and every one of you. You are all truly inspirational.


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