Things I’ve learned in Africa!

These 3 weeks have been absolutely unbelievable. The journey has flown by and I wish it would slow down just a bit. It still feels surreal being in Africa teaching and loving on students. Everyday I still ask myself, is this real life? I am supposed to be writing this blog about what I have learned this far and, truth be told, I cannot possibly begin to explain everything I have learned. It seems as though every second I am encountering something new or becoming familiar with another part of the Tanzanian culture. After writing a list of 80 things I have learned so far, I decided I should probably narrow it down to 20. Here goes nothing!!

1) God is the same God in Africa as He is in America. Although he displays himself in different ways each day, I am so thankful God is never changing.

2) Women can carry hundreds of socks on their heads, bananas, name it! (Still trying to actually LEARN how to do this one)

3) When teaching my students English, I learned a “full stop” is really a period mark.

4) There are roughly 30 Rhinos left in the Ngorogoro Crater (We were lucky enough to see one!)

5) If you don’t shut your windows, Monkeys will come inside.

6)The Maasai people believe that if someone takes their picture, a part of their soul is taken away.

7) Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday!!

8) Church can last more than 3 hours!!

9) Tanzanian children are OBSESSED with stickers.

10) If you live in America, Tanzanians assume you know ALL the famous people.

11) Beach balls are the best entertainment.

12) A “Rafiki Price” usually means the item is marked up 🙂

13) Avocados are huge,cheap and delicious here!

14) If there is a loud “boom” coming from the roof, it is most likely a mango falling from a tree.

15) I am a MILLIONAIRE! (In Shillings)

16) “Taking Tea” is expected at 11am each morning. (it’s really not THAT bad)

17) When hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, make sure to go “Pole! Pole!” (Slowly, slowly)

18) Pictures make the best souvenirs!

19) Brushing your teeth using water from your water bottle feels normal.

20) The best feeling is when children smother you with hugs to the point when you can no longer walk or move!

I have many, many more but I will save those for another time!

Peace, Love & Blessings!

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