What I have learned so far

30 Things I have learned so far:
1. Choosing to study abroad in Tanzania has been my best decision ever.
2. You will not find more friendly people than the people of Arusha, Tanzania.
3. Remembering the names of 80 students is very difficult.
4. In Tanzania stickers are the most amazing creation for children and even adults past the age of 30.
5. You can become someone’s “sister” with only knowing them for 2 minutes.
6. If you walk down a hallway filled with children, you might not make it out.
7. If you wear your hair in a ponytail or bun to school, it won’t stay in. Children will pull it out in order to pet, touch it, or even pull on it. BEWARE!!
8. Be careful when you pull out a phone or camera around children, you might not get it back for a LONG time.
9. Over 24 people can fit in a minivan or also known as a dala dala.
10. No matter how hard you try, you will get chalk all over your hands, clothes, and maybe even in your hair.
11. Do not leave your backpack unintended at school because students will open it up and put hand sanitizer all over themselves.
12. Subtraction is called take away in Tanzania.
13. Students cannot write anything in their work books unless they have lines on it. (Always have a ruler!)
14. You write the date 21/05/2014 (day/month/year) in Tanzania.
15. Don’t laugh when the place you’re staying at warns you about monkeys at your windows, because it really does happen.
16. Stretch and workout before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro because it will be a struggle and you will be sore the next day.
17. Communicating with people whose first language is not English can be very challenging and stressful.
18. I have met some incredible people and future teachers.
19. I am beyond blessed to have been given the opportunity to teach at Engarenarok Lutheran Tetra Primary School.
20. Africa isn’t extremely hot like everyone thinks it is.
21. It is hard to say no when you are shopping at the Maasai Market.
22. Some dogs live on the streets and you will want to take them home.
23. Spending time with children at the orphanage is tiring but beyond amazing.
24. You will miss macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, Olive Garden, Buffalo Wild Wings, and every type of American food while studying abroad. However, the food here is also pretty good.
25. The teachers here have so much love and passion for teaching.
26. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
27. The good days teaching make you forget you ever even had a bad day teaching.
28. I was born to be a teacher.
29. Be grateful for what you have.
30. Everything about Tanzania is incredible and I never want to leave.

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