Things I’ve learned so far!

There are countless things I have learned since arriving in Tanzania and they cover a plethora of topics! I’ll begin by saying that I have never left the Unites States prior to this trip. Therefore, I had no idea of other people’s way of life. And to say the least, I am glad my first stop was Tanzania! This country has so much life that you could never be lonely, and the phrase “hamna shida” (no worries) is used daily. Regardless if Tanzanians follow us (the wmzungu) to sell their items, I do truly believe they want to learn about the American culture. And during this I am able to learn a lot about theirs.

But on a more personal note– here are a few things I’ve learned since arriving.
1. Don’t tell others about your fears…
2. The plus side to working with young children– no body odor.
3. When riding in a car, look out the side window. You do not want to know how other people are driving.
4. Walking down the hallway at school is not possible without being tackled by 30+ kids.
5. Cold Coca-Cola has never tasted so good.
6. How water heaters work.
7. After a while, you have no clue how many days in a row you’ve worn the same shirt.
8. Showering at night is doable.
9. My blood tastes so good, mosquitos will go through deet to get me.
10. It’s hard to watch TV through a mosquito net.
11. Mafia was a success.
12. Callie sleeps with a fan on every night.
13. Something in Africa is making my nails grow beautifully.
14. Stickers were the best thing to pack.
15. Bedroom windows should be closed at all times to avoid monkey intruders.
16. Goats also use public transportation (the dala dalas).
17. Mangos hitting a metal roof makes a very frightening sound.
18. (Most importantly) I made a discovery about my life. I am now more open to the idea of teaching upper elementary children.

And most recently…
19. When you give attention to dogs… they will follow you into a restaurant, and then home.
20. I am not good at tying a dog to a post.
21. I will not be arrested.

Tanzania is a truly amazing place! …But sometimes it can be difficult to explain because you often can’t compare it to things you’re familiar with. So, if you are having a difficult time making sense of some of my bullets.. that could be the reason. Or it’s because I didn’t explain it well enough… 😉
Oh! And some advice… reread number 1.
Thanks 🙂

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