What I have learned so far….

         It is so hard to believe that we have been in Tanzania for three weeks already. The time I have spent here so far has been some of the most amazing times of my life.  I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and for all of the outstanding people I have met this far. Here is just a short list of some of the things I have learned so far throughout this experience….

  • Everything at the market is for a “goodie” price!
  • To always go with the flow and no matter what happens it will be ok!
  • Wild-beasts are actually called wildebeests
  • Tanzania has the best coffee on Earth.
  • Everyone has different perspective on education and you should take the time to understand theirs and get to know yours a little more.
  •  Nothing is more important than tea time.
  • No matter what anyone told you…it is acceptable to eat anything with your hands, even minnows!
  • It is important to take the time to ask questions and get to know people because everyone has a story and you can learn a lot!
  • Woodcarving is difficult to teach when you have never carved anything yourself…but sometimes you just need to figure it out!
  • Pets in Tanzania include cows, donkeys, and goats…dogs and cats are a rare occurrence.
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is far from a walk in the park!
  • Everything in Tanzania is “Pole Pole!”
  • Stickers work like magic in the classroom.
  • Coming back to Africa is definitely one of my goals in life!
  • “Fine” is the best feeling the people experience here…not good or great!
  • I could never be more sure of what I want to do in life after this experience, teaching is my passion.
  • Elephants are the most amazing animal on Earth.
  • When things get tough, you just have to laugh about it!
  • Everyone loves to get there picture taken in Tanzania…unlike in the United States! If they see a camera, you are sure to have lots of selfies.
  • I never want to leave! 
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