Lasting Impressions

When given the task to write a blog on our “Last Impressions”, I began to really think. How could I possibly narrow down my last impressions from this eye-opening experience into just a few paragraphs? So, I decided to write about my last day of school at Assumption Pre/Primary School.

            Yesterday was our last day of school and it was an amazing, yet an extremely sad day. The thought of leaving all of the students and teachers who I have created such a remarkable bond with this past May really hurts your heart. But, thinking about all I have learned, the friends I have made, and how we have impacted the students makes it much more bearable!

            The teachers at Assumption made our last day a day to remember. The teachers had an assembly with all of the student body to say goodbye and to thank us! It was so great to see all of the students who we have spent the month with all in one area. We were able to thank them all and tell them how much we were going to miss them. This is a moment I will never forget! Seeing some of my favorite students crying had me tearing up. I tried my best to keep my composure because we still had a lot more time left. Our math teacher was kind enough to let us take a picture with each standard, which we could have never organized on our own! Next, we had a special lunch with the teachers. We all were very nervous for this because it always has been a little risky, but we couldn’t get out of this one! Although, all of our worrying was for nothing because they made some pretty good food, even french fries. At the end of the lunch, the math teacher thanked us for all we have done and we thanked them as well. It meant so much to hear the appreciation of the teachers and this is something I will always remember! It is so wonderful to know when you have really made a difference in someone’s life or in this case in the school. We ended the lunch with all receiving an Assumption t-shirt and card signed by all the staff. I really appreciated the gift and am very thankful to have been given something that can remind us every time I wear it of my perfect month here in Tanzania!


            Going out on the playground after our lunch and seeing all of our students for the last time was one of the worst goodbyes. I am going to miss my students more than anything and hope one day to see them again. However, having all of them tell me how much they will miss me, that they love me, give me hugs, and how great of a teacher I am will never leave my heart! These students, teachers, and all of the people here in Arusha, Tanzania have left of lasting impression on me that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for everyone making me feel so welcome and for everything they have taught me while I have been here!

Asante Sana Tanzania 

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