Lasting Impressions

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this prompt. This trip has been a month long jam packed adventure. There was never a dull moment or a day wasted and for that reason there are hundreds of things that are lasting impressions for me. I’m just going to try to focus on some of the largest “lifelong” lessons that I’ve gained in my time here.

One thing that will last with me forever is the new perspective I have gained on my life in the U.S. I will never again feel like I am missing something from my life or that something is lacking. I will never feel ungrateful for the things I have been given and I will feel infinitely more grateful for the things I have made and earned for myself. The opportunities we have in our country are amazing and so above and beyond anything the people of Tanzania could imagine. The sick thing is there are Americans that complain and complain and talk about their “terrible” life and never feel blessed for what they have. Meanwhile the Tanzanians are happier, friendlier, and just generally more gracious. Americans feel so entitled and that is something I will attempt to never fall victim to again, all because of this trip. I am lucky for what I have and I will forever be grateful to have it.

Another thing that I will never forget is the impact this trip has had in my teaching. I feel so much more confident in my teaching after the experiences I have had here. Now I know that I can be put in practically any situation and be able to be successful. If there is ever a bad day at school, which there will inevitably will be, I can look back at this trip and all the amazing experiences in the classroom I had and just remember that I can do this.

This trip has changed me in so many ways and those are just a couple particular ones that I know will always be in my head. The only way for anyone to truly understand the impact of this trip is to go on it themselves or to get inside my brain. So for now that is all.

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