Lasting Impressions

This experience has been unforgettable. I can’t believe that tomorrow will be my last day in Arusha, Tanzania. The people, the buildings, the language, the smells, the scenery, the schools, the food, and the culture will all stick with me about of Arusha, Tanzania.
• The people are the most incredible people I have met. The fact that they take the time to greet you every day on the streets even if you are a strangers. They are kind, caring, and the friendliest people.
• The buildings here are beautiful. The different bright paint and unique structures make them unlike something I have ever seen before.
• The language is so unique and fun to speak in. The people of Tanzania take pride in their language that they speak and appreciate if you learn it. Although it is not the easiest to learn being around them all the time you get to know the important phrases to learn.
• The smells are unlike nothing I have ever smelled before. Some smells are not so good but others smell like fresh air and almost relax you.
• The scenery is incredible. The huge mountains, hilly hills, green grass, different leaves and trees, and just everything you see is amazing. It’s hard to take in everything you see here because it doesn’t seem real and pictures do not do justice.
• The schools may not have a lot of money but they all have something special about them and are all unique in their own ways.
• The food may not always look the best, but it usually tastes pretty great.
• It’s hard to explain the culture in a couple sentences. All I can say is that it is interesting and incredible.

I will miss so much about this trip.
I will miss being greeting by complete strangers each day while walking the streets.
I will miss shopping in the Massai market.
I will miss almost getting car sick every morning before school because the roads are so bumpy.
I will miss stepping out of the safari vehicles and being attacked with hugs by so many smiling children.
I will miss my students saying “good morning teacher Emily.”
I will miss trying to get out of tea time with the teachers each day so I can go play with the children.
I will miss waking up to the sound of barking dogs and pouring rain.
I will miss teaching and watching my 84 students grow as learners.
I will miss learning about this amazing culture.
I will miss my favorite student Ukanaike who I wish was my own child.
I will miss kisses on the cheek every morning by my teacher.
I will miss riding the dala dala every day and counting how many people can fit each day.
I will miss spending a month with 30 incredible people and future teachers.

I will never forget this experience and I think that I will be leaving a little piece of my heart here. I hope to come back one day but for now kwaheri Tanzania!

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