Lasting Impressions

Tuesday May 27th

Today was the last day of teaching at Meru International School. I will be completely honest, I did not think that I bonded with my students as much as other people on this trip. I thought it would be easy to leave knowing that I helped them and taught them for a while and then I would head back home. I mean when I teach and give quizzes and sternly say to quiet down, the students look at me with eyes full of boredom and indifference. Well, today it finally hit me. I don’t know how I am supposed to leave these kids. After our review game of jeopardy, I handed out some prizes and gave every student a pencil and tied up loose ends I guess. I wrote my name on the board along with my email and told them that they can find me on facebook and I would love to be friends with them but they don’t have to feel obligated to add me. Almost every student (or at least every student I saw) whipped out a pen and vigorously wrote the information down – even the students that I admired for their hard work but rarely spoke to me. It is a feeling that I will never be able to explain. We also took time to take a picture as a class and the students all wanted to be next to me or touch me in some way. I didn’t realize they liked me this much.


Also, there were these two sweet girls from the form 1 class who called me out of the teacher’s lounge. I was confused why they wanted me and they told me that they got me something so that I would never forget that I came to Tanzania (of course I won’t forget but that’s not the point) and they gave me a bracelet that has the colors of the flag on it. I almost started to cry because that is the sweetest thing! What makes it better though, is I only taught two lessons to the form 1 students and they were history (which I hate) and Kiswahili. I was stunned by their kindness. Overall, I am going to remember everything, but I will never forget the students and their willingness to accept me and their thirst for knowledge. The people here are the sweetest and the happiest people I have ever met. I hope that I made an impact on their lives and their education because they certainly made am impact in my life.  I will never forget these kids.  I love them all.

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