Lasting Impressions

This trip has been incredible. I don’t think I will ever forget my students. They are all such incredible people. They have made a lasting impact on my life, and I hope I have done the same for them. It has been incredible being able to come here and teach. I feel like it has really prepared me to make decisions in the classroom when teaching. I have learned that you do not need all the technology in the world to be able to teach a class; although, it has been tough to teach with out so many resources. It is almost more impacting when you talk to the students one on one, throwing too much technology in your lessons could take away this opportunity of getting to know your students. I have formed so many personal relationships because of this. I have gained so much more respect for these hard working students.

            I will also never forget the teachers I have worked with here. There are some really incredible teachers that care for their students; however, there are others who do not care as much. The students have so much respect for their teachers because they are giving the students an education. No matter how good or bad the teacher is it is the students’ responsibility to learn the material. I have learned about how it is difficult to be a teacher here because of how low the pay is. Some teachers work at a couple of schools to make enough money to live on.

            Lastly, I will never forget how much fun I have had on this trip. I am so glad to have been given this opportunity to come on this trip. I have made some really good friends. We have shared some amazing memories that will be hard to describe to others. Lisa, Dave and Feles are all great and such caring professors. We have been very lucky to have all three of them on this trip. I am going to miss all my friends I have made on this trip, including my students, and teachers I worked with. It is crazy to think we only have one more day left here in Africa.

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