This Isn’t Goodbye

It is hard to pinpoint one thing or even a couple of things that will stick with me for the rest of my life. This whole experience has been bigger than I ever thought it could be. I have met some amazing teachers who have shown me a different side to teaching, one that I never imagined I would see. It has been a very different experience teaching in Tanzania, however it has helped me to understand more about how students learn. I will never forget my teacher who showed her kindness not only to her students, but also to me. I am forever grateful for the love and respect she has shown me while being in her classroom.

My students will be with me forever, even though I barely know all of their names, I will never forget their smiling faces. Every morning, regardless of how I was feeling, their smiling faces would instantly brighten my day. They were my first class, and they loved me instantly even though they didn’t even know who I was, that kind of love can never be forgotten. 

I feel very blessed to be returning to the United States, because without God’s grace and blessings I would not be where I am today. People don’t choose the life they have before them, these people did not choose to be born in a developing country and yet they are so happy with everything that they have. I will be taking home with me the gratitude that they have for life and even though they are dealing with more than I could ever imagine, they still put a smile on their face everyday. They never forget that this life is a gift from God, and that the love God has for everybody can help them get through any challenge they may face. I am leaving with a heart full of love, because in Africa Love Has No Boundaries. 


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