Lasting Impressions

Since arriving home I have had time to reflect on my experience. From when I arrived in Tanzania just 30 short days ago to when I arrived home, I experienced some amazing things. Now as I sit here on my couch reflecting on the amazing month that I just experienced, I can more clearly see what aspects of the trip have really left their mark on me. I have experienced some life-changing moments and I am positive that they will stick with me for the rest of my life.

One thing that I will certainly not forget is the love and the warmth that the students and people of Tanzania shared with us. Every day as we walked to school we were greeted with warm smiles and friendly hellos and we were trampled by students as soon as we hit the driveway. I will never forget the love that the students showed us, even after only knowing us for a few short weeks. What we experienced at those schools, we would never experience here in the classroom. We will not walk into the school building every morning just to be bombarded by children, most you have never even met, giving you big hugs and asking how you are. We will not receive the thanks and appreciation for teaching them as we did in those classrooms. I was overwhelmed by the love and appreciation that we received in those schools and that will always stick with me. Every day that I walked in that classroom and was greeted by those students, I was reminded why I wanted to become a teacher, and that is something that will stick with me forever.

I certainly will remember the students and the people we met in Tanzania forever and will forever be grateful for the impact that they had on my life. Most importantly, I have gained a new appreciation for everyday life and the many blessings that I have. Throughout this month I have met many different people, some who had very little and some who were just like me, but whatever the case may be they all were grateful for the things that they did had. It was so refreshing to be away from the constant complaining that is ever present in America. Never once did I hear someone in Tanzania complain about not having the newest Nikes or even about having any shoes at all. I have been blessed by so much, yet I always find myself wanting more. This month has reminded me of how blessed I truly am and has shown me that even when you have nothing it is still possible to live life to the fullest. I am forever grateful to the people of Tanzania for reminding me that life itself is a precious gift and is not something that we should allow to slip between our fingers as we work towards getting everything we want. Every day is a gift from God and should be cherished no matter how much or how little we have.

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