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Last Post…

Here’s my last blog post… I probably wouldn’t have written it unless my professor hadn’t emailed me and said she noticed I hadn’t submitted it. Busted. It’s not like I forgot… Usually that’s what happens with homework. It’s more like … Continue reading

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What Haven’t I Learned.

Mmmmm… Well I still haven’t learned to drive a stick, but that’s pretty much all I haven’t learned. Not kidding. I’ve learned so much this trip… Here’s a short list of some of the things in the forefront of my … Continue reading

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Kilimanjaro Climb

This past Saturday we all piled in the safari jeeps and headed to Mount Kilimanjaro. The two hour car ride seemed super short compared to Safari. On the way I finished off my wish list of things I needed to … Continue reading

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Back to School!

I’ve been staring at my computer for a while wondering how in the world am I going to put into words the four days we had on safari… Pretty sure I could write a book. Instead of writing the longest … Continue reading

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Dala dala piki piki moa moa!

I love the daladala. I have no idea why. I shouldn’t. The idea of sitting on a teeny cramped bus with 12 or 15 people with a guy hanging out the window looking for other riders doesn’t exactly sound appealing … Continue reading

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First Tears (Sorry this is from yesterday)

I knew I’d cry when I came to Tanzania, I do that… I cry. What the reason was would be a mystery to me. Would it be because I was afraid? Overwhelmed? I missed my boyfriend? Sleep deprivation (that’s usually … Continue reading

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A city is a city no matter what country you’re in. I’ve never been a huge fan, they kind of break my heart. There are still the fine dressed who ignore the beggars with missing limbs, fancy shops and holes … Continue reading

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Home, Sweet Home

I can’t believe that we finally made it! After an 18 hour trip we are officially in Arusha! We saw the sun set twice in 24 hours–I don’t know why but that blew my mind. I felt like a time … Continue reading

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“Experience: the most brutal teachers.”

“Experience: the most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” -C.S. Lewis I think that quote pretty much sums up my thoughts about leaving my plushy American life to head to Arusha for a month–while I’m … Continue reading

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